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All My Energies

A word of love
A word from God
The flow of energy
Toward love

Every thought
Every emotion
Every feeling
That flows through me

I will bring to bear
All the energy of my


On one thing

To forget the past
Breaking its power over me
As I look toward what lies ahead


Love lies ahead of me
It gives me the power
To get strong again
To understand this love

Focuses the energy
That runs through me
Like the light of the sun

This light of love
Consumes all the darkness

All the sadness
All the loneliness
All the emptiness

Overwhelming all that I am

Flooding the poisoned thoughts
That had filled my mind
With a river of love
Washing them away

I lost love
Then I found love
Love never went away
It was waiting to restore me

It was the gateway between
Forgetting the past
All my energies
And looking forward

Restoring me
Teaching me
How to love again
To live again

This love

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