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Truth Set Me Free

Things changed
They have a way of changing
Turning around

There is a certain vindication
When turnabout in your situation
Puts you back in control
Of your destiny

Gives you back the power
The confidence
Restores your love in you

It will give you back who you are
Lifts the burden of
Fear and responsibility from the actions of others
From you

When the circumstances change
And the weight of burden
Shifts from you who they use
Back to them through their actions
It is lifted off of you

To take it back
The responsibility
Through their manipulation
As they squirm to avoid facing their actions
Looking to find a way to get out from under their
Trying to avoid consequence and responsibility
Trying to pass it on to those that they use
To use your love

To deny them the opportunity
To learn from their actions
Grow from them
At this crossroads of acceptance and learning
In growth in
Personal responsibility
Is not unkindness
But is real love

To take away this time of soul searching
In the life of one who looks for others to absolve them
From looking into themselves and face their
Actions and fears
Denies them the opportunity
Of knowing themselves
Of living a life
Learning to understand
How to love

There is a certain personal
Exoneration, redemption and peace
In letting go
A certain justice
And personal vindication
That sets you free

In allowing others to
Feel the effects in their own life
That their actions caused
That they have put others through
Put you through
When they used love
To avoid personal accountability

Let them feel the weight they have cast on you
During their time of little mercy of thought about you
Only to gratify themselves

They left you squirming in pain fear uncertainty and misery
You should forgive them
But you don't have to relieve them
When it turns back on them
After you discover the truth
That set you free

Though they suffer
In personal anguish
Through and from their own action
In misery
It is for the good
Of God and themselves
This time of suffering

This time
Their anxiety
Leads them
To the desperation
Of life and death

Giving opportunity
That gives birth to desire
To be forgiven
To ask forgiveness
To repent of self

To show remorse towards
The ones they hurt
To create a desire
To do what it takes
To amend their life
To make peace with themselves and others
To become accountable
As a person
Accountable for what they do
So as not to try to pass it
“This pain” on to others
To learn the meaning
Of how to love

So they may despair because they believe they have lost your love
So that they may learn through their despair to find their love

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