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Found MySelf Again
(Now It’s Your Turn)
Dedicated to those who love Unconditional Love

No more living in fear
Of what might not be
If it is it will be
Want will do
What needs to be done
To not lose what is desired
Real love
Or it will all go away

I take off my hands
I take off my mind
I take off the desire
To make what I want be

No more manipulation
No more guilt motivation
No more obsessing for answers
To situations that should
Already be
What they need to be

I can walk in love
Without need to control
Without need for my
Desired outcome
To be

I have done
What love must do
Now love must do
What it needs to do
To survive

To find its own way to love
Or to accept the
Longing, emptiness and loneliness
Because love
Could not give
And Setting me free

Free from what was
And what should be
From what love is
And what love should never be.

I don’t wait
Anymore in pain
I've given all my love
Now love must do the same

I am free from responsibility
Of the outcome of love
Love will now seek me
If love was ever real love
I’ve given real love

Sit not and wait
Or show contempt
For real love
Will save
What it does not want to lose

Giving all my love
Set me free
From responsibility
Of possession of
Your love

It is your turn
I found myself again
Love lives in
Me again

To be sought by the one who
Seeks love
That has been loved
By me

It is your turn
To love
I am absolved
From control

Removed from sorrow from pain
Of need to feel love

I found myself again
Free to love again
Come and love me if you can
With real love

Or live with your pain

With or without
Real love

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