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Illegal Nation
For the Natives,
"My eyes long to behold one"

It is Ironic that most established resident/citizens
feel disdain for those who come after them,
or better stated their immigrant ancestors.
Most of ours, mine included,
Italian, Sicilian, German, Irish, just came on the boat.
No papers all those generations ago,
yet most greeted with disdain by the current settled peoples.
Most of mine, especially the Irish were not welcome,
and in their day of immigration
most Italians and Sicilians were considered
the Mexicans of their day.
But now we have good solid legislation
to stop that kind of ridicules migration
of the unwanted,
those who may take the opportunity
or position
or privilege
of one of us
who descended from one like them.
I cannot comment on English or French settlers
after all they held position at the head of the line,
long before the event ticket office opened.
But as for those who do it by the law,
we now have Chinese, in our resume of family,
they did it by the law
and the government surely gave them no special treatment,
just the usual wait until you have stood in line
as long as the law can make you legally wait.
And wait some more.
After all there is still a Chinese immigration act on the books.
Even if you marry one,
we don’t need any more of those either,
or as a matter of fact
any of those foreigners
who want what we took
from the natives.

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