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Out From Under It

The student played the teacher
With his lessons and her plan
The teacher left the door open
The student used his lesson plan
To play with his mind
To manipulate his heart
To get what she wanted
Even if it tore him apart
The student had a plan
Right from the start
To get what she wanted
To use what she had
To make the teacher
Fulfill her plans

The student
Learned how
To manipulate men
One was not enough
So she got two of them
The needs of a life
Are not guaranteed
Unexpected circumstance
Do plans impeded
The student would try
To turn them to gain
Making the second man
Believe that from him
Did the impediment she gain

Plans take their time
Time the student had was few
The time worked against her
The Teacher saw through
Before inception was complete
The second man knew
The student told the teacher
She never would tell
What was her reason
But the teacher knew well
For she told him
He betrayed her trust
When he gained
The knowledge
Of the truth
The plan for the second man
In a moment of anger
In a moment of lapse
The student told the teacher
In his betrayal of trust
That she believed
She told him her teacher
He gave her the impediment
So she would not leave
In this statement
She revealed the true nature of her plan
She would do the same thing to the second man
Make him believe he had given it to her
Giving her the power
Over him to be hers

As the student's plans collapsed
She made her mistake
She turns to the teacher
Whom she did forsake
‘I will always remember all of the good things”
She did say
Giving this teacher
The key to get away
Out from under it
Possession of the weight of emotional trauma
Belongs to the one who last extends them self
Willingly toward the weight of the reality
Of the pain

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