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Remembering How To Forget

Be happy
It is quiet and it did not get out
That you avoided the deep shit, the death thing, that you were innocent of
The person you knew never really existed at all
You created them in your mind
The real person is a psycho
A suicidal rampage looking to transfer responsibility through love
Responsibility for their reckless life
You needed to get away and you could not
You got lucky
You found out
You got out
In some strange perverted way it was punishment
Not kindness, it was not “not wanting to hurt you”
Not wanting to hurt you would have let you go
Love would have stopped hurting you
Being too weak to stop because you say you care is a lie
That person is lying to their self
The truth is they loved their self more then they cared about abusing you
They could not stop hurting you and face their self
They had a plan
And it did not include letting you off for what they felt you did to them
Or how much it hurt you, their working their plan, getting what they wanted
Don’t let the kindness attached to the hiding their plan appear like they cared about you
Try to keep in mind that you are never really out of trouble as long as they feel
That there is a connection to their situation that they believe you are responsible for
This is a prime motivation
To get out of the path of destruction
Save yourself
Hope that they have found a reason to forget
Make this the reason
That you can forget
You got lucky to get this time
This is a time to forget
Forget the trauma
Forget the emotional abuse
Forget the lies
They are all lies
Planted, spawned, incepted
You made them realities
You could not live without in your mind
But none of them are true
Who you think you know you never knew
What you chose to believe
Was never real
Just and obsessive fantasy
In your mind
That was used against you
Imprisoned you in a prison you could not see
In your mind
You are free
To move on
Leave the lies and abuse behind
Enjoy the quiet
While you can
It is a gift
From God

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