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The Luck of the Irish
Written on St. Patrick’s Day
For Gerald Thomas Organ

 It was a long hard winter of my life.
I was broken as a man.
My dreams were destroyed.
My hopes were lost.

  My grandfather, an Irishman,
died on St. Patrick’s Day.
He lived with death many days to make it to that day.
I never understood why until today.
I was only 16.  
It was 40 years ago.

Today my mother told me
that he used to say,
“If you make it to St. Patrick’s Day,
you made it through the winter.”

I was dead inside myself.
But he lived until this day to die
so that many years later in my life
his words would come to my ears
this year
so that I may understand
that he choose this day to die
so that I would chose this day
to live.

 It’s the luck of the Irish;
A dying man’s dream becomes
a broken man’s hope
to live.

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