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Men don't make themselves a Prophet
God does
Goodness or sin is not how he decides
It is the heart that God picks
It is the love that he sees in the heart
Only God can choose in
Who he finds the love
Who he gives the love
The tongue of the man tells lies
But the tongue of love
Chosen by God
Speaks words
That God has chosen
To fulfill

Blind and death
Is the one who hears the words
Of this Prophecy
And see them
Come true
Only believing the bad
You can hear them say

“Everything you said
That was bad that would happen to me

Did they listen
To the other words of love
They hardened their heart
To the words of love
They rejected the love
Because they loved for themselves
To fulfill themselves
They rejected the love of the man
Because they could see the love of the man was sin
So they loved greater sin

So they slaughtered the love of the man
The imperfect love
The best love a man can give
But the man was given words by God
They were greater than the sin
Greater than the self of two
The woman heard the words
She heard the prophecy
Not the love
Not the words of love
Not the love of man
She heard the bad things
Believed the bad things
So the bad things came to be

The profit spoke of love and life
God holds no child accountable for the love that made them
The woman heard the words
She kept on the path of destruction
Forsaking the love of man
The words came true
That one day she would understand
When she was truly alone
No matter how hard she tried
Everyone would desert her
Even those who longed to help her
Were turned away
At the end of all of them
She would face
The emptiness
Longing for the love
The love that
She had known
The love that she
Would long to share

Love is like a child
Lay youself down
It is sown inside of you
Gives you peace
Causes you pain
And gives birth
To love
Listen to the words
Look into the eyes
Of Love

Love will open your blind eyes
Love will cause you to hear
The love speaking past the bad things
That have come true

Listen to the prophecy of love
It has been there all the time
Living side by side
With the words of doom

Love is a child
Waiting to be born
This child of love
Will come out of you
Listen to the Prophecy of love
You will never again
Be alone

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