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It was a single thought that threatened to shut the show down
The Road Show of Life and Love
When you started to care
About sharing love with someone who
Was confused themselves, looking for power in love

Yes when you started to care they started not to care
About how you felt
You gave them the power to
Feel safe to let their
Bad moods
Out on you
To lie passing responsibility
Of their lies and deception to you

You became unattractive
Because they could have you
You cared
So they almost stopped the show

Before that thought crossed your mind
The thought settled in
That you cared
They really wanted you to care
The worked to get you to care
And when you really cared
In their heart
The show started to shut down
The real love
Love that loves not for what you do
But Love that loves for who you are

For there is power in real love
But those who can’t see it can’t feel it
Long to have power over love
Power to use love
Power to let their
Mental sickness
Take advantage of
Abuse the love
That they cannot share
Because they were never
Given love as a child
All they understand
Is the way that they
Have seen
Love abusing love
Love using love
Love longing for power
Love loathing power
Love that hates to do what love is expected to do
Love that longs to control
Love always feels to be expected to give
Love is to be controlled

Get yourself free of toxic love
Get over it
Don't let a love like that own you
Don’t long to own it
This kind of love understands
Being used and how to use love
This Blind and confused
Victim of a cruel childhood
Does not understand
That the power to be free is in real love
Love that loves because of love
Love that loves to love for a love that shares
The power to be free
This love
Now again inside of me
I don't care anymore
About understanding the cruelty
Of a disturbed mind
Blinded by their unwillingness to let go
Of the power past, present and future
Keeping them from love

I got my life back
I got my love back
Inside of me
To give to those who understand
The value and power of real love
Love set me free
The show must go on

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