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Déjà Vu
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Time we make the dream
Intentionally un-punctuated

It is the unusual times within our lives that defines who we are
It is within the unusual times in our lives we are defined
Getting a grip on the balance of what makes us who we are

In between
What is between
Between the wake
Between the dream
Existing between the two of them
In between this time between
What must be
What is desired

Time we belong to
Time that belongs to us
In between alone at night
Or between the limbs wrapped tight
Wrapped around the life we live
Or wrapped around
Each other

I between the moments
In between the
Focus within
To the windings of the thread
Deep within our humanity
We are the dream
Of our time together

Time we make the dream
When we take the time
To share our love
Slow down the time
The unusual time
Within your life

We are

Values and beliefs

In between the dreams
We make together


This love


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Book Of Déjà Vu
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