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Déjà Vu
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Transmortal Déjà Vu
Intentionally un-punctuated

Imagine in your mind
If you could borrow time
From people past
Those close to you
Who were cheated of their years
Cheated of their life
By some force
Some infirmity

You can get it
And you don’t have to give it back
What you have to do
Is let them view as you live it
See it through your eyes
Share your life
With their time

Transmortal Déjà Vu
The secret has been inside of you
Since the first day
Of your life

You just need to take the time
To look inside
This principle of life

Once a life starts
It never ends
All life needs
A house to live in

A life taken
In any way
That is not natural
In its time
Leaves its energy
Present in our time

The life did not end
It finds it new body
So must the
Life Energy
That it leaves behind

Unused Energy
Waiting to make its bond
With You
Transmortal Déjà vu
Accessed by love

Transferred by
Or love
Know this love
Feel this love

This Love

Maharishi Déjà Vu

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Book Of Déjà Vu
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