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Déjà Vu
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Wind Soul
(The Seventh Day)
Intentionally un-punctuated

The pendulum
Swinging between the extremes
Of your life

Control the pace
Of the Pendulum's swings
In everything you are


Be at peace with life
Still your desire
Slow the pace
Of your endeavor

So that you may feel
The stilling of the
Ocean of life

The calm
Of the tides
Of reality

Feel the
Soul Wind
Of your life

So that you may see
In between the pendulum swings
Into the mirror
Of life

Clear your mind
So you can see
Past the flashing imagery
The screen of imagination

Be at peace with yourself
Make your mind
Thought free
Past the pace of your identity

So that you may hear
The sound of the
Wind through your soul

The soft flowing wind
That will lift the sails
In your mind

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Book Of Déjà Vu
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