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World Enlightenment Liturgy
"How To Love"

Never gonna stop loving
All the days of my life

This love
This life
Going on
Inside of me

It's got a hold on me
A hold that can’t be broken
This love
Will never go away

I am going to
Live in love
Serve in love
Inspire in love
Dream in love

Spread this love
Every day

Gonna get my mind together
Get my life together
Get my peace going on

Gonna throw away those
Wasted thoughts
Of trying to change what
Can’t be changed

Thoughts that
Want to lead me
Into despair

Keeping love from me
Me from love
While I’ve got the time

In the meantime
This love
Is going to keep
In me

Found myself
Talking about love
Teaching about Love
Walking in love

This love

Will never leave you lonely

Gonna get all the love
That I can

Gonna share all the love
That I can share

My face to the sun
Hair in the wind
In love

A love
Keeps you going
The kind of love
That overwhelms
Every emotion
With Joy &

This love
I can’t hold back
From flowing
Through me

Never going to let it go

In the meantime
Got to get it going on

No Fear
No loneliness
In the hands
Of love

This love

Just want to keep on
Just want to be

This love


This Love

Keep on lovin’


This love

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