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Yuan Fen
Yuan Fen

Love not sin
Conceived within
Fate and destiny
We will see
The face of this child

Through the
Fear and pain
We longed to see again
The love
That will plant the seed
That will give you life

We lost our hope
Lost our way
Lost our love
But you came
One day
Into our life

We live we met we suffered
We said goodbye
But neither of us
Could turn our face
Away from your eyes

We were compelled
We gave ourselves
We went back
To create you
We were born to do this thing

Child to be
Child hiding inside
Waiting for us to remember you
To give you life
We were selfish
But we felt alone without you

So we met again
To give you life
We will look into your eyes
Hear you cry
See your smile
Alive in this world

Sweet child of our love
Yuan Fen



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